Artists are known for many things, they are able to portray a thousand emotions in a single stroke of their brush crating magic. Their complex minds and way of thinking is simply fascinating and it is something we can never completely understand. It is amazing how they trap their emotions in their works and give it to the world to unravel if the world indeed can. Time has gone by and great artists have gone by but their exceptional still lives on for decades, inspiring each generation after generation. Click this link to have more information of some of the greatest artists in the world. Here are some of these iconic artists that the world has and will not forget for years to come.


Leonardo was not an ordinary artist, he found a craft in every thing and even today he is known for his many skills. An inventor and a scientist, Leonardo most remarkable piece till tomorrow still remains Mona Lisa– this outstanding painting has had the world talking from years and is of immense value. The internet describes it as what it is, the most parodied and written about piece, the best in the world. The grace and poise held in the portrait isn’t your ordinary grace and poise, none is yet to fully comprehend the uniqueness of this amazing piece. Even in his grave, Leonardo still lives on.


Vincent was a great painter in his time and he was known for his distinct style of painting, his work was his and it had his trademark allover. His style was unique, holding different impressions with which he expressed himself. An example of his work is the case with 12 flowers. The last two years of his life were his most productive as a painter as he spent the time prior to his death in an asylum, he would paint rapidly with raging emotion perfect pieces that held anguish and for that his works were known.


Michelangelo was a great artist in his time and a great influencer as well. He left his father’s line of work to pursue his passion as an artist and worked as an international till his work caught the eye of one of the greatest families Lorenzo de’ Medici. His work held passion and soul and he crafted every piece perfectly. His pietà and sculpture of David have since traveled along with history and time, repeatedly making history over and over again as a result of its immense skill. The Sistine chapel took his four years to paint and during this period he suffered severe neck aches as he had to paint from varying angles. He always considered his work to be that of God and because of this belief, every work of his was seamless.


Pablo was born into an artistic family and discovered his talent at a rather young age. At the age of fourteen he had began to showcase his work to the public. The early stages of his artistic career was what he called the Blue period, most of his work held melancholy as he used various shades of blue to portray his art. One of his most exceptional work was the mural of the Guernica bombing (1937). This piece portrayed the tragedy as was it was in the twentieth century.

RAPHAEL 1483-1520

Together with Leonardo da vinci and Michelangelo, Raphaelmakes up the trinity of the high Renaissance period. He was known for his  ability to portray perfection and convey beauty. He was a great teacher during his time and was very social. In 1508 he was asked by the Pope to paint something Vatican and around this period Michelangelo was working on the chapel, although Michel’s work overshadowed Raphael the Vatican painting of the crucifixion was still and is still recognized today.


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