Fancy dress competition is considered as the most  popular and desirable activity in School that requires creativity so that the children comes dressed up in the costumes of different characters and enact well to complete the role play. This is a fun filled activity that requires active participation of the children as well as their parents who work hard in creating costumes that looks different from the rest so that their children will be winner of the fancy dress competition. As a parent, you also need to read the tips to dress your children for a fancy dress competition so that your child will be dressed in an excellent manner and will be successful in garnering the attention of the viewers. There are few dedicated shops in various countries like Ireland. The fancy dress in ireland, halloween costumes, women’s costumes are given more importance.


Different fancy dress competition ideas that you can use for your children   -Fruits and vegetables  -Wild and domestic animals  -Superheroes  -Cartoon characters  -Movie characters  -Professionals   The Tips to dress your children for a fancy dress competition  includes-     Selecting the character for fancy dress competition  If you are not given a choice by the school then you should decide on the character that your child wants to become with discussion of your child so that he/she will enjoy portraying the selected character in the fancy dress competition.

Your child will have an enjoyable time dressing and acting like his/her favorite character in the fancy dress competition as the competition involves a lot of excitement among the participants.  Use your creativity  If your child is dressed up in costume that is designed by you at home rather than purchased from the market then he will have a higher chance of winning the competition as judges prefer selecting someone who make use of creativity while dressing up for the competition. Creating something from the scratch will garner the attention of the judges and everyone else present at the competition and you should also keep in mind the tastes and preferences of your child while designing the costume.


Work on makeup

After deciding on the costume, your attention should be shifted to the makeup of your child as it is the life and soul of the costume which helps in maximizing the effect of the entire look. But you should always be careful to use chemical free products on your child’s face or body as children has sensitive skin that is more prone to getting infected when the chemical laden products are used on the skin.

Making props and accessories with the costume

If you want your child to win the fancy dress competition, you should also pay attention to the props and accessories that are carried with the costume as it creates long lasting effects on the mind of the viewers. For this you need to add value and bring in elements of creativity and surprise to the costume so that it will be liked by everyone around.

Plan the performance

Finally after completing to design the costume, props and accessories, you will need to plan the performance so that your child will be confident enough on stage who show the character he is playing in the fancy dress competition.

Tips to dress you your children for a fancy dress competition

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