The skater and longboarding chicks cannot build a hot and sexy body as they are supposed to keep every part of their body slim and fit. On the other hand, the normal girls focus a lot on increasing the size of some specific parts of the body so that the boys may get attracted when they see them. The skater and longboarding chicks also want to get the attention of hot cool boys but unfortunately, they do not have the ideal body that may seduce the boys.


Well, I think that these girls are underestimating the power of their beautiful body. The body they have built over time is a lot better than other chicks. All you need to do is to try different postures and styles that may easily attract the boys. Similarly, the sports accessories you are using may also help in changing your look. For example, if you are using the adult scooters, your body would look really hot and sexy.

Our guide to picking best adult scooters will help you a lot in choosing the right type of scooter according to your body type. We believe that attractive hip looks can immediately grab the attention of others. In this article, we are going to talk about some sexy and hot hip looks that will make you feel satisfied while attracting the people that are around you.

Let’s talk about some hip looks that skater and longboarding chicks can try.


The chino completely fits on your body and it makes you look sexy as hell. The chinos are available in different colors and designs. You can visit your nearby clothing store to find the most attractive chino for your body. Make sure that you are choosing the chino that completely fits your body. Thus, you’d look beautiful among other skaters and you’d also be able to get the attention of most of the people that are in the ground.

Slim fit trousers

The slim fit trousers are specially designed for the girls that want to look hot and sexy. Your body type is completely perfect for the slim fit trousers. So, make sure that you choose a really fantastic trouser for your game. The trousers are either available in one tone color and they are also available in multiple attractive colors. So, you can choose the most suitable trousers that fit your needs.

Bikini style

Some skater and longboarding girls like to wear the bikini when they are playing these sports. So, you should also give it a try because it is the perfect costume that will make you feel comfortable while you are trying different stunts and it would also make you look sexy and beautiful.

Hip Looks to try for the Skater or Longboarding Chicks

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